Waiter, there’s a rainbow in my world

You must have heard all of these pathetic arguments based on shaky grounds such as rationality before. But since you won’t stop thrusting your homophobia in my face, I feel the need to express my grievance in this blog that no one is going to read anyway.

If you think it’s a disorder, it’s not. What makes you think you are more equipped as a hetersosexual? Is the capacity to contribute to the population explosion the only legitimate reason a couple should be together?

If you think that ‘they’ don’t come from ‘good’ families like yours, that is only because the people in your godsent family who refuse to acknowledge they are gay or haven’t realised it yet. Maybe you’re married to one who, unlike Carol from Friends, is never going to realise that.

Then there are those of you think that a great guy or girl is a ‘waste’ because he or she is gay.  Such a pity that you can’t objectify someone because that person is categorically not interested in you.
As for those who are afraid that the happiness of their child, family and the world is threatened by it – well done on coming up with that argument. Celebrate your ignorance by imposing it on everyone around you.
Well, where are you going to learn about the LGBT community anyway? From Sri Devi in English Vinglish, who says “wo log bhi insan hote hai” or from Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in Dostana being perverts and playing the gay card to live with a girl they both want. And of course, any community that doesn’t protest because they were misrepresented in Bollywood doesn’t deserve the grace of your awareness.
I kid of course. Pray hard enough and people will get all these ridiculous ideas such as being themselves out of their heads.

The Great Indian Wedding Planners

There comes a time in every Indian kid’s life when the entire universe’s psychological balance depends on you getting married. And by the entire universe, I mean every person you know who is older or more married than you.The majority of these people happen to be components of a marriage that can only be termed as a civil agreement of minimum interaction and a mutual approval to dis each other humorously. They come from the misguided benevolence school of thought: after you get married, they will try to convince you that having children on purpose is actually a good idea. They are worried that all the ‘good’ ones will be gone soon. They are also highly critical of any stray unmarried trash and live-in relationships and homosexuality fall way outside their bubble.
Another category are those who have such a high level of confidence that it makes you wonder why. They have got life all figured out, and will approach you with pro-marriage arguments like how it is about companionship, families getting together (as if your own family isn’t overwhelming enough) and how you won’t be able to adjust to having a partner around later in life. They will also find potential partners for you to mate with and believe that they are doing god’s work by finding you a person of the same religion, caste, economic class who reminds you a lot of several of your cousins.
Some of them are people your age who are ‘madly in love’, and thrust their relationship in the face of everyone in real and virtual life. They believe that, like them, the purpose of your life is to get a certificate from the state that assures a lifetime of sulk and sex from one single person. They come from the ‘we want social approval’ club, and are often too blinded by the idea of a wedding to realize it comes with a marriage.

As for simpletons like me, our understanding of a marriage is limited to ‘spending your life with someone because YOU want to’, we clearly missed the turning point in life where others said goodbye to rationality and embraced what people have been doing for years without knowing why. Your youth is when you can really get to know yourself prior to making a lifelong commitment. Or realising whether you want to do that. That is, before it gets banned for  provoking individuality and other social evils.