On Child Marriage

The Indian government trying to pass laws to improve women’s rights over the past few months was a lot like watching Phoebe in tap-dancing class, doing strange wavy motions and saying “I’m totally getting this!” This happened when the UPA was poked awake from its deep slumber by people protesting for women’s rights since December 2012.

One of the things they did was raise the age of consent to 18. And in the very same year, India refused to sign the UN resolution against child marriage, in spite of having the highest number of child marriages (24 million). 
In the dreamland of our leaders—where there are flowers and bunnies (rainbows aren’t acknowledged here)—children get married and wait till they are 18 so they can finally consummate the marriage. In this happy world, moral crusaders who slap boys and girls who come within arm distance of each other are allowed to roam around freely and kill youngsters for falling in love.
Not that one should have much faith in an organisation that lightly poked Sri Lanka once, condemns Israel from time to time, and is planning to hold auditions for Syria and Sudan. But for a nation who thought forming a Non-Alignment club was the cool thing to do, an acknowledgement of the grave child marriage problem doesn’t seem like a bad idea. 



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