Shall we banter about sexual harassment?

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handsOn November 20, 2013, Tarun Tejpal, the editor-in-chief of Tehelka, an Indian weekly magazine known for investigative journalism, stepped down from his post for a period of six months following accusations of misconduct with a female journalist. The woman said this assault took place during the magazine’s annual event, Thinkfest in Goa. He maintains that it was a “misreading of the situation” in his email to the Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhary, who exhibited a clear lack of seriousness about the issue, by stating that the incident was an internal matter. In her press statement, she emphasized on the fact that Tejpal had given an ‘unconditional’ apology. She now claims that the said journalist was ‘satisfied’ with the actions taken. Chaudhary’s insensitivity and Tejpal’s resignation shows that a serious debate about sexual harassment in the workplace is long overdue. An apology and six months of self-imposed exile by Tejpal is not a…

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Indian jewellery brand Tanishq appreciated for ad endorsing remarriage

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A recent jewellery ad launched by Tanishq, an Indian jewellery brand has caught the attention of the Indian audience and media alike. And the reason for this is that the advertisement shows a woman with a child getting married.

In the ad, we see a bride dressing up for her wedding when a little girl, her daughter, runs up to her. Later, she is seen walking by herself to the mandap – the place where the wedding ceremony takes place – with her daughter. Usually, the bride is accompanied by her mother or an elderly family member.

As the ceremony proceeds, the couple stands up to walk around the fire seven times, which symbolizes the seven wedding vows. The little girl says that she too wants to be a part of this and the groom graciously carries her in his arms. In the very next scene, the bride’s daughter asks the groom…

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