Equality – Liz Lemon style

Of course I support equality. Which is why, when Liz Lemon suggested that Tracy be treated like the rest, I found myself agreeing with her.
And then her stand for cutting down on preferential treatment got turned on her, when Tracy urged her to change the water cooler refill herself. It contains about 20 litres of water. I agreed that she should do it herself and not ask a man for help. I agreed that she shouldn’t not have to do it just because she’s a woman. I mean, equality is mutual. She wasn’t at any physical disadvantage, other than the one of being a woman.
However, I had my doubts. I supported Tracy theoretically. But if I had to refill the cooler, would I be able to do it?
The office pantry was empty. The coffee machine had been turned off for the day, so the chances of someone entering were very low. I could see the 20 litre refills. Inconspicuously, I walked to the nearest one and lifted it. Well I can lift it, but it needs to be tilted and I wasn’t very confident that I could manage that. The incident ended in water being spilt all over, for Liz Lemon. My incident ended before water could be spilt. I mean equality is important, but is it as crucial as the need to preserve water?
Besides, all men couldn’t manage it either.
Maybe I’m just not ready for total equality. Or maybe, total equality is just fictional. Otherwise we would have run out if water years ago.


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