D’Crepes Cafe – A Hidden Treat

Image by Ameya Naik Image by Ameya Naik

CCDs are passe. Starbucks is overrated. Everything else is either too expensive or unwelcoming. Which is why you need a D’Crepes. Even though it makes incorrect use of the preposition “D'” in the name, it is one of the least pretentious cafes. Tucked away in a corner at Hiranandani Meadows, Thane, it’s quite a small place with a few books, a guitar, pictures from what could presumably be France and a few cosy tables. But what makes D’Crepes special is the feeling of warmth you get from the staff. And, of course, the food and beverages.

This place has a quite a quaint collection of savoury crepes. There’s one with tandoori chicken and onions, one with noodles and scrambled eggs and one with creamed spinach with garlic and corn. They’re all quite delicious, and the crepes are always light and fluffy.

The pizzas and pastas are…

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