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What Women Think About Deepika’s Cleavage

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Awesome Women

Deepika Padukone 18 WallpaperTOI Entertainment, the celebrity news and gossip wing of The Times of India, the largest Indian English language daily saw an undue amount of action last week. Their Twitter account had posted a video clip of Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone at an event, highlighting her cleavage with a red circle with the headline ‘OMG: Deepika Padukone’s Cleavage Show!’

The 28-year-old actress called out on them by tweeting “YES!I am a Woman. I have breasts AND a cleavage!You got a problem!!??” She further added, “Don’t talk about Woman’s Empowerment when YOU don’t know how to RESPECT Women!”

The tweet was soon deleted, but TOI Entertainment went further in digging their own grave when they replied ‘You look so great that we wanted to make sure everyone knew!’ They also came up with an open letter in which they justified their stance by saying that she is a model who had previously…

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D’Crepes Cafe – A Hidden Treat

Image by Ameya Naik Image by Ameya Naik

CCDs are passe. Starbucks is overrated. Everything else is either too expensive or unwelcoming. Which is why you need a D’Crepes. Even though it makes incorrect use of the preposition “D'” in the name, it is one of the least pretentious cafes. Tucked away in a corner at Hiranandani Meadows, Thane, it’s quite a small place with a few books, a guitar, pictures from what could presumably be France and a few cosy tables. But what makes D’Crepes special is the feeling of warmth you get from the staff. And, of course, the food and beverages.

This place has a quite a quaint collection of savoury crepes. There’s one with tandoori chicken and onions, one with noodles and scrambled eggs and one with creamed spinach with garlic and corn. They’re all quite delicious, and the crepes are always light and fluffy.

The pizzas and pastas are…

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Lebanese food at Picadilly, Colaba

It was a regular sultry Mumbai day, and I was on a shopping excursion at Colaba Causeway with my friends when we saw the shawarma at Picadilly’s window. It’s very hard to remember how the hot grilling meat enticed us on such a sweltering day. In retrospect, I am glad it did (in case you were wondering, this place does have an air-conditioned section).

I’ve been here several times since, and I must recommend the Lebanese chicken shawarma wrap and the falafel wrap. Their hummus is quite delicious too. While you wait for your food to arrive, you get a small bowl of pickled cucumber and beetroot, which is great to munch on without filling up too much of your appetite. If you come on a hot sunny day, I do recommend the iced tea here. Having tasted the iced teas of a LOT of restaurants, I can tell…

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A tribute to Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou passed away yesterday. There’s a lot to be said, but I decided to express myself by writing a poem inspired by her works.

I don’t want to be a woman, I just want to be me.
It was dark and I walked into it
Without shame or fear.
I did not think of you. I did not think of how short clothes will pull your eyes towards me
Nor of what my shape will do to your mind.
My hair was wild and free, it couldn’t fit into what it was expected to be.
The buttons on my shirt were open only because they didn’t know they ought not to be.

And I walked into the night because it felt right to me.
It wasn’t meant to hurt you- I don’t know how it could.
I was trying to see your reason, but reason didn’t let me.

I refused the guilt you thrust on me and I felt lighter still
Because I can’t always be a ‘woman’, sometimes I’m just me.

Shall we banter about sexual harassment?

Awesome Women

handsOn November 20, 2013, Tarun Tejpal, the editor-in-chief of Tehelka, an Indian weekly magazine known for investigative journalism, stepped down from his post for a period of six months following accusations of misconduct with a female journalist. The woman said this assault took place during the magazine’s annual event, Thinkfest in Goa. He maintains that it was a “misreading of the situation” in his email to the Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhary, who exhibited a clear lack of seriousness about the issue, by stating that the incident was an internal matter. In her press statement, she emphasized on the fact that Tejpal had given an ‘unconditional’ apology. She now claims that the said journalist was ‘satisfied’ with the actions taken. Chaudhary’s insensitivity and Tejpal’s resignation shows that a serious debate about sexual harassment in the workplace is long overdue. An apology and six months of self-imposed exile by Tejpal is not a…

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